Konami 056747 Audio Hybrid Module

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This is a 056747 replacement audio hybrid module for these Konami arcade games :

  • Bucky O' Hare
  • G.I. Joe
  • Gaiapolis
  • Lethal Enforcers
  • Martial Champion
  • Metamorphic Force
  • Monster Maulers
  • Mystic Warriors
  • Premiere Soccer
  • Run & Gun
  • Violent Storm
  • Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

It is also compatible with the 054986A module as well. DAC is included in this model. This module has two distinct features :

  • Different DAC chip with a crisper, clear audio output.
  • Ultra low-noise op-amp chip.

These modules are known to fail because of leaky surface mount capacitors that can muffle audio or even prevent the game from starting. 

This brand new module features :

  • 100% identical design to the original for an absolute authentic look.
  • OEM branded high quality Würth capacitors.
  • ENIG plated finish for better corrosion resistance.
  • Professionally assembled surface mount components.

Notes : 

  • 054321 Konami ASIC chip is NOT included and must be salvaged from the module you will be removing.
  • 1.77mm gold-plated male and female pin headers are included.
  • You should not install this module if you don't have the proper tools or soldering experience.