Taito Vewlix SEGA JVS I/O Adapter Kit

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Use a Sega Type 1, 1.5, 3 and 4 JVS I/O board in a Vewlix cabinet with this adapter kit. Original Sega I/Os available to order as well!

Features :

  • Adapts the standard Vewlix "G" control panel wiring harness to the SEGA JVS I/O PCB's 60 pin connector.
  • Has built-in 5V power regulation circuit to power the Sega I/O board from the Vewlix's 12V only supply.
  • OEM gold-plated locking connectors.
  • Has a built-in coin meter on/off switch in case your cabinet doesn't have one connected.

Included in kit :

  • Laser-cut acrylic plate to fix into the Vewlix cabinet.
  • Set of stainless-steel screws, washers and nuts.
  • Cables for 5V and 12V supply.
  • 60 pin ribbon cable.
  • [Option 1] If you order the original JVS IO board from Sega, you get the one that is pictured in this listing, which is Version 3.
  • [Option 2] The Sega 837-15257 IO lets you output JVS from the USB-A connector, and regular USB (for Mame or Mister for example) from the Mini-USB connector!